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Dog Lovers Community

Dog Lovers Community

We are so lucky here in Hendersonville to have such a pet friendly community. Here and in surrounding areas in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It wasn't always that way, but for the last few years we are now seeing dog parks pop up all over the county. Henderson COunty has many nice parks here. A small one is located on Seventh Avenue, another one in Flat Rock, and two really fabulous ones in Fletcher and Mills River. 

Historic Downtown Hendersonville has many outdoor cafe's, after the big three year renovation along Main Street. As long as you have a pet that behaves, they are welcome to join you for coffee, or for dinner. 

More of our shelters have become no kill, and they are doing really well on getting all of the pets adopted. Asheville has Brother Wolf and that has become my favorte place to support. 

Almost two years ago we lost our almost 16 year old lab mix Hanna, and I swore I would never ever get another dog. We all do that right? Those sweet eyes steal your heart and run away with it. You are never the same. All in love. Then when they leave us it is the biggest loss ever, and then comes the promise that this is it.

And then...

This spring I was perusing the Brother Wolf site (didn't I say I would never get another dog?). A story caught my eye and broke my heart in an instant. Someone had dumped dropped off a dog. They said she was too old and they simply did not want her any more. Midnite was 15, and had the sweetest face ever. It haunted me. I couldn't help thinking that this girl would be there for the remainder of her life. As the story went, she had been chained in a yard for her entire life. I couldn't take it. I made an appointment with the foster mom, drove up and met her. 

MidniteIt was instant love and I applied to take her home right there. I got her the softest bed they had and a nice harness. Her neck was raw from the chain and I couldn't (and still can't) put a collar on her. Off we went into the sunset. 

She has lots of issues but nothing abnormal for a 15 year old. She has bad sight and can't hear well. She has bad arthritis in her legs and hips. The vet has her on some good meds and a good diet, and she is doing really well, walking much better. The hair has grown in soft around her neck again and you would never know it was bald when I got her. But most of all she has gotten her spirit back. She wags her tail all the time, and hangs out with me every where I go. 

I know we may not have a lot of time together, not like the 16 years with Hanna. But when she is gone I know that she will have had a grand ending. And I have a feeling that the next dog I get will be another elder rescue dog. Everyone wants the puppies, but older dogs linger in shelters. So I am all about the elder adoptions. As her tag says, Rescue is the Best Breed! 

We are lucky in this area to have such animal loving support and a community that has fought hard for protecting all animals. It's just another reason I so love this area. 

Dog Lovers Community, Hendersonville NC

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