Hendersonville NC Real Estate Blog: Can Buyers Find You?

Can Buyers Find You?

Can Buyers Find You? 

What gets your phone ringing?I read a great article by Cindy Jones this morning and it really struck me, what does really lead a person to your website. She was absolutely correct in her summation that buyers do not google your name. But what do they google to come to you?

After monitoring many websites, for myself as well as other Realtors®, I can say with utmost confidence that they are not coming to you by googling your name. I rarely see that when I watch site stats. What I do see for real estate websites is that they come for the fresh content they find on the web. They find articles for things they are concerned about, googling things like articles on inspections or appraisals and how they work, or they come to an article written on a subdivision or area of town. Maybe they come because of an article on the lifestyle on a particular area. But they rarely come looking for your name, unless you have a referral or they saw your sign. 

I know many Realtors® absolutely groan when they hear they need to write fresh content on a regular basis. It is a lot of work, but if you are passionate about your work, passion will come in writing as well. Writing about what you know can be easy, it just takes practice. 

Committing to just one hour a week can result in 4 new articles a month. And if you just write about things in Real Estate that you are passionate about, you will fly on to more leads. And if you don't start now, you may never, so just do it. What will bring leads to your office? 





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Comment balloon 4 commentsJerri McCombs, Broker • February 23 2014 11:47AM


You are right, I have gotten busy with existing customers and clients and have put 'articles' to the side and the NEW people have slowed to a trickle.  I have resolved to my self that I will start writing now, to get ahead and have some writings ready to begin March 1st!

Posted by Bruce Hicks, Your Lifetime Friend/Helper! (Best Homes Hawaii) over 6 years ago

Bruce, When I was in Real Estate, I always set aside early Sunday morning for Active Rain writing. And I started every morning with reading articles and learning. When I turned to an assistant, I stopped for a while, and it has really been hard to get back into it. But I am making an effort to do this again. It has a really good feel to start the day with AR and more often than not I would write several articles a week. I need to get back into that. 

Posted by Jerri McCombs, Broker, Hendersonville NC Relocation (Dogwood Real Estate Services) over 6 years ago

Good posting, Jerri!  It is very important to provide the right content in blogs, at the right context to capture leads.  Context, capturing the audience when it is relevant to them.  An event happening in your town, post it, talk about it, others are seeking that info at that time, as well.

Posted by Dan Hopper, Denver Realtor / Author / Advocate/Short Sale (Keller Williams Realty Downtown LLC) over 6 years ago

Hi Dan, I think events are the perfect way to drive traffic. It shows the "Lifestyle' of an area and then leads them to your IDX and other articles, which leads to calls. Writing about why an area is great, what it has to offer, is a great way to get more buyers into an area. 

Thanks for your response!

Posted by Jerri McCombs, Broker, Hendersonville NC Relocation (Dogwood Real Estate Services) over 6 years ago