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One of the Insung group of Hero's

I was driving home this morning during an unusually heavy rain and along my street were a group of electricians getting electrical lines back up. They were drenched I am sure, despite the heavy yellow slickers they doned.

Electrical WorkersI never realized how dedicated and hard working the electrical crews are until I lived on top of a mountain. When I first moved to Western North Carolina, I had power outages all the time, with the slightest wind or ice. What I saw out there was amazing. These crews were out in the worst weather, at all times of the day and night, hanging off mountain tops. I recall them on the road above my house one night, in pitch black, on a cherry picker, getting the lines back. It was in the wee hours of the morning, maybe one or two. I just couldn't believe the bravery they showed time and time again.

This morning as I passed by these workers in town on level ground, I had to remember the harder jobs they have and appreciate them all over again. We love to complain when our modern conveniences are on hold briefly. But we have to learn to appreciate the men and women who are there for us day and night, risking their lives so that we can have lights and other conveniences.

So next time you drive by a crew, give them a big smile and a thanks. They really are one of the unsung hero's of the world.

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