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Are you still sitting while you work?

For the last year I have been reading and hearing on the news about how bad it is to sit all say for your job. And I agree totally. But as a Virtual Assistant, all of my work is sitting at my computer, all day long. The more I sat the more money I was making, so I was not willing to give that up. But what to do? I was starting to feel awful, sluggish and mushy in the head.

So over the summer I researched quite a bit (of course while sitting!). I started to see that people were standing while they worked in an attempt to get off their derriere but when I tried that my knees and legs didn't do very well. It was a lot of dead weight to have on the back too.

Then I saw these desk treadmills. At first I was skeptical. Walk while you work? Really? All these people bragging about it, saying how easy it was. I followed several people over a few months and started to think maybe this could work for me. So in November I started to watch the sales. These set ups are quite expensive, starting at just under $1000 and I saw them as high as $5000! You can get as simple or as elaborate as you like. Google the term Desk Treadmills and you will see. 

Well, finally a week before Christmas I saw a sale I couldn't resist. Not only was it marked down a lot, but they offered free shipping. 250 pounds coming from California was not going to be cheap, so I decided my health was worth the splurge while the free shipping was offered. 

I ordered the Workfit Treadmill by Exerpeutic. It came in just a week, in two huge and heavy boxes, assembly required. At first I figured I was in big trouble putting it together. All those parts!

But I was amazed at how easy it really was. It took me two hours or so, with only one call to support, and I was up and running! Literally. 

Desk Treadmill

Desk Treadmill

So the big test, could I walk while typing? I am so thankful that they have the speed set to as low as .4 mph. This is where I started the first day. Since I was practically crawling, it was pretty easy. I was pretty skeptical as everyone online was saying it took just an hour or so to get used to it. But it was true, in no time at all I felt pretty comfortable. After two weeks I am walking and typing at .7 mph. I keep trying .8 but I just can't quite type there. When I am not typing, just doing research or reading, I can crank it up to 1.5 mph right now. So I am really pretty proud of myself right now. I am averaging 4-6 hours a day on the machine. Even on my days off, I now keep my computer on my treadmill desk top, and will only use it while walking. So 7 days a week I get walking in. And after two weeks I am already feeling a bit better. I am sure over time I will get faster, but for now I have a big smile on my face when I work! 

As a review of the Workfit Treadmill by Exerpeutic, I have a few tips for others seeking to try this.

*I didn't think about it until I stood on the machine, but the desk top on this model is stationary, with the only adjustments being tipping it for an angle. It feels just a little too high for my height, so look for one that will match your height or get one that is adjustable. If I stand on it too long my shoulders get sore from my arms being up so high all day. If I were a few inches taller it would be perfect. From the top of the walking tread to the desk is 42 inches, so see if this height works for you. 

*The tread area is a bit short  in length for holding the handrails to monitor your pulse, so if you intend to use this feature be careful. I get a bit too close to the back at times and can feel the end quick enough to step forward. So I have developed a stance that works for me to keep me close to the front and still grip it. 

*I like that the speeds are so gradual, I can go from .4 to a full 4 mph. It has an inclide from level to 15%, and has a program that you can use for different scenario's which I have not messed with yet. This gives it a variety of uses besides just using it for work. 

And nothing to do with the performance of the machine, but after about an hour I do need to take a break for my knees. So I will stop for coffee, or sit at my regular desk for 30 minutes or so. Hopefully my knees will benefit and feel better, and I can just keep going.

Other than that this has worked beautifully and at some point I may find a welder who can cut down the stand and get it to the right height. I would do this before I would start over. I am hooked and will not give this up!

Now I have my dry board set up in front of it and I can go to town working for long periods of time feeling pretty organized!

Whew! I need a break. While typing this I walked at .7 mph. And while I waited for images to upload I boosted it up to 1.5 three times. I need a break after this 80 minute workout!

Desk Treadmill


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